FabricSoft Transfer Papers: Lights, Darks, Unsurpassed!

Tpopps FabricSoft Transfer Papers: Photos, Logos, Letters; Unsurpassed Features, Benefits, Results; Lasers, Pigment Inkjet, Eco-Solvent, Indigo; Lights Darks.  All Natural, Synthetic Fabrics; Sheets, Rolls.

Tpopps FabricSoft Transfer Papers deliver tangible, durable, unsurpassed features and benefits. Transfer operators, screen printers, sign makers, …

Tpopps FabricSoft Transfer Papers EXCLUSIVES

PureMagic + kMagic Transfer Papers

kFabric Transfer Papers for Darks

Vibrant, Opaque, Durable, Light Fast White on Darks
White background for photos, smooth gradients, …
White foreground for logos, graphics, cut letters, …
Polymer-Based White:  NOT Ink nor Toner.
Constant White. NO Fading / Washout. NO Yellowing with time, washing.

kMagic + PureMagic Fabric Transfer Papers

Perma-Koat Fused 4 Life®.
Machine Wash, Dry Clean Friendly, Resist Dye Migration.

kMagic + PureMagic Fabric Transfer Papers

Color-Kicker® Vibrancy
Scintillating Photos, Gradients;
Glistening Spot, Process Colors.

kMagic + PureMagic Fabric Transfer Papers

100% US made components, coated in Canada.

Tpopps Fabric Transfers – Competitive Advantages:

kMagic + PureMagic Fabric Transfer Papers

Consistent, Repeatable ProGrade Quality.

FAST(est), EASY(est) Cutting / Weeding: Plotter-Cutter, Scissors.

Vibrant, Transparent, Durable Clear for Lights

NO Layering of Color Films – single layer of Tpopps Papers / transfer multi-colors.

Widest Variety of Alternative Print Devices – printers, plotters, toner, inkjet, eco-solvent, Indigo.

‘Silky-Soft’ / Flexible. Use / Wash Without Cracking, Peeling, Hardening.

Tpopps FabricSoft Transfer Papers – Basic Requirements:

kMagic + PureMagic Fabric Transfer Papers

All Natural + Synthetic Fabrics: Light / Dark Colors:

Natural Fabrics: Light / Dark Colors, fine or heavy:
100% Cotton, Canvas, Silk, Wool, Wood, cotton wool, Leather, more.

Synthetic Fabrics: Light / Dark Colors, fine or heavy.
100% Polyester, Polyester – Cotton Blends, Polyester – Spandex Blends, Nylon-Spandex Blends, Microfiber Blends, more.

Full Spectrum of Fabric Applications, Opportunities:

T-Shirts, Performance Apparel, Blue Jeans, Tank Tops, Caps / Hats, Sports Sweaters, Team / Workwear Jerseys, Left Chest, Uniforms, Uniforms for Sports / Business, Shopping Bags, Running Shoes, Photo Tees, Sports Bags, Alternative to Embroidery, Pillow Cases, Fashion Tees / Jeans, Aprons, Wall Decorations, Framed Artwork, Logo Tees, Banners, Sweatshirts, paint Artist Tees, infinite solutions for customers’ requirements.

Thin, Breathable, Flexible Coatings.

NO VOCs, Toxins: USA, Canada, Europe.  Safe, Solvent-Free Alternative to Traditional Oil-Based Screen Printing Inks

Available in Sheets, Rolls.

kMagic Fabric Transfer Paper Pressed to Black 100% Cotton FabricSoft Transfer Papers Pressed on 100% Cotton Black T-Shirt
* results can vary with chosen toner / ink / press settings

Tpopps Fabric Transfer Papers feature Endless Opportunities:

kMagic + PureMagic Fabric Transfer Papers

Lights, Darks, Ever-Lasting Images, Pro Quality Consistency, Stretches with Fabric, Wash Durable, Dry Clean Resistant, Whitest-White Coat, Color Kicker, more.

Exclusive Features Benefits Tpopps FabricSoft Transfer Papers

Tpopps Perma-Koat Fused 4 Life®: Whitest-White Digital Transfer:

  • Ideal background for high resolution color photographs.
  • Awesome white foreground for text, numbers, logos, images (eg a skunk’s back, white eye balls, skunk’s back, snow white…). Extreme opposite of white toner and digital ink, in color, composition, opacity and durability.

Perma-Koat Fused 4 Life®: Features Benefits Tpopps

  • Resulting Transfers (after first wash) are FabricSoft, virtually with ZERO-Hand, Silky Soft and Smooth. Ultra Thin.
  • Tpopps Transfers feature ‘ever-lasting’ North American / European machine wash durability despite its light weight and thin coat. As well, Tpopps polymer features: extended ‘ever-last’ washing, dry clean friendly – unlike virtually all digital transfer papers.
  • The FabricSoft ingredients of Tpopps Transfers resist bleeding of colors ( often termed dye migration ) during heat pressing and penetrate into fabric fibers.  The benefits include longer life and softer blend.
  • Tpopps FabricSoft Transfer Papers breath – there is no moisture build up beneath Tpopps Perma-Koat.

Features Benefits Tpopps FabricSoft TransfersUnmatched Color-Kicker® Vibrancy: Features Benefits Tpopps

  • Eye-Popping Colors
  • Color-Realistic Photos, Smooth Gradients on Whites, Lights, DARKS.
  • Spot color strength matches those of Screen Printing.
  • Photos, Gradients, Vibrant Spot Colors.
  • Virtually All Fabrics: Natural + Synthetic: Light / Dark Colors.
  • Consistent and Repeatable Pro Quality ( Homogeneous Co-Polymer Mixture ).

FAQs of FabricSoft Transfer Papers: Features Benefits Tpopps

What output devices ( printers, plotters) do Tpopps FabricSoft Transfers work with?

Exclusively, Tpopps Transfer work with: Pigment Inkjet Printer – Plotter, Laser – Copier, Eco-Solvent Plotter, Indigo, Plotter-Cutter. No other transfer works with so many printer devices and creates so many output options, from CAD-CUT lettering and graphics, to color photos, … on so many fabrics.

Print direct to both FabricSoft Transfer Papers using pigment inkjet desktop printers and plotters, and eco-solvent plotters (including plotter-cutters).  Simply Print and Press.

Printing with laser printers – copiers and Indigo requires a two-step process:

1> Print to the Tpopps ‘NON Jamming’ PrintSheet,

2 > Press to the Tpopps coating, previously pressed to the target fabric.

How difficult is weeding FabricSoft Transfer material? Features Benefits Tpopps

Tpopps CAD-CUT Papers deliver the FAST(est), EASY(est) Weeding when cut with a Plotter-Cutter and / or Scissors.  Easy to cut and weed even the most intricate components.  

Unsurpassed Ease! 

Tpopps Papers have achieved the delicate balance between the resistance needed for cutting (without dragging of image parts) and that of weeding ease.  Weeding is easy, steady and fast – no heavy pulling required!  No other solution comes close.

Why a PrintSheet?  Features Benefits Tpopps

Prevents fuser jamming in laser printers – copiers.

Doubles as a ‘See-Thru’ Transfer Mask to precisely position images on target substrates.

No limitations as to image colors (from photos to logos, from full color / realistic colors to grayscale, from smooth gradients to spot colors, …) from cut letters, numbers, colored graphics (one layer of course) to logos, photo transfers, to simply white cut messages, …

Unmatched Simplicity – ONE Print, ONE Cut, Press Color FabricSoft transfers to virtually all light, dark fabrics.  Multi-colored graphics are printed on one sheet. There is NO multi-layering and cutting / weeding as with spot colored thermal films (or as some refer to as CAD-CUT Thermal Vinyl).

Paper-based costs a fraction of a thermal film transfer mask.

Why Perma-Koat Fused 4 Life®: Features Benefits Tpopps

Perma-Koat Fused 4 Life® – EXCLUSIVE to Tpopps Fabric Transfer Papers –  combines the strengths of plastiso and custom configured water-based co-polymers along with color digital printing.

Plastisol is important to the performance of the Tpopps transfer coating. It contributes to the durability, stretch, color-kicker and Perma-Koat technologies in terms of flexibility, soft hand, color vibrancy, … for both kMagic FabricSoft Transfers for Darks and PureMagic for Lights. White plastisol ink drives the extreme opaqueness – whitest-white – of kMagic Fabric Papers for dark fabrics.

The FabricSoft Transfer components are fused permanently together in conjunction with natural and synthetic fabrics. The benefits: virtually everlasting imprints without cracking. Note: results may vary with toner / ink, actual heat pressing process, fabrics, …

Tpopps Polymers work with fabrics – stretching and rebounding with the fabric movement. There is virtually no cracking unless extremely stretched beyond reason.

The Tpopps Perma-Koat Fused 4 Life® component resists dye migration from polyester and (some) cotton shirts as opposed to many polyurethane transfers that suffer ‘color migration’ distortion of the transferred image.

Perma-Koat Fused 4 Life® contains elements that enhance printed color vibrancy ( Color-Kicker® Vibrancy ).

The Perma-Koat Fused 4 Life® coating is Homogeneous ( in production, the mixture does not separate – eg oil and water ).  The benefit is consistent coating quality and transfer results.

For a transfer to have market value, it must be NON-TOXIC, without VOCs and Toxins ( as per US, Canadian, European standards ) for the safety of end-users. Tpopps papers are both non-toxic and VOCs free.

What applications / What Fabrics work with FabricSoft Transfer Papers? Features Benefits Tpopps

Virtually ALL Applications:

T-Shirt Transfers to Light and Dark fabrics.
Cut White / Colored Lettering, Numbering, Logos, … on Lights, Darks.
Photo Transfers on Lights, Darks.
Cut Photo Transfers on Lights, Darks (eg – cut heart with photo inside).
Spot colors required for logos, lettering, numbering, …
Photos, Lettering, … on Wood, Leathers, some plastics, …
T-Shirts, Aprons, Dress Shirts, Sport Shirts, Activewear, Uniforms for Sports / Business, Shopping Bags, Sports Bags, Performance Apparel, Blue Jeans, Caps / Hats, Sports Sweaters, Team / Workwear Jerseys, Uniforms, Affordable Alternative to Embroidery, Pillow Cases, Aprons, Wall Decorations, Framed Artwork, Photo Tees, Logo Tees, Left Chest, Banners, Sweatshirts, Tank Tops, endless possibilities.

Virtually All Fabrics:

Natural: Light / Dark Colors.
100% Cotton, Canvas, Silk, Wool, Wood, Leather, more.

Synthetic: Light / Dark Colors.
100% Polyester, Polyester – Cotton Blends, Polyester – Spandex Blends, Nylon-Spandex Blends, Microfiber Blends, more.

Take Note:

Optimum time and temperature required to properly fuse Tpopps Transfers will vary depending on fabric, coverage, equipment and operator. Please remember the ‘How To’ guidelines on this website are intended to be just that, guidelines. They may or may not be appropriate for your specific project; always test heat press settings before commencing production.

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