Tpopps FabricSoft Transfer Papers: Lights, Darks, Unsurpassed!

Tpopps FabricSoft Transfer Papers: Photos, Logos, Letters; Unsurpassed Features, Benefits, Results; Lasers, Pigment Inkjet, Eco-Solvent, Indigo; Lights Darks.  All Natural, Synthetic Fabrics; Sheets, Rolls.

Tpopps FabricSoft Transfer Papers deliver tangible, durable, unsurpassed features and benefits. Transfer operators, screen printers, sign makers, …

Tpopps FabricSoft Transfer Papers EXCLUSIVES

PureMagic + kMagic Transfer Papers

kFabric Transfer Papers for Darks

Vibrant, Opaque, Durable, Light Fast White on Darks
White background for photos, smooth gradients, …
White foreground for logos, graphics, cut letters, …
Polymer-Based White:  NOT Ink nor Toner.
Constant White. NO Fading / Washout. NO Yellowing with time, washing.

kMagic + PureMagic Fabric Transfer Papers

Perma-Koat Fused 4 Life®.
Machine Wash, Dry Clean Friendly, Resist Dye Migration.

kMagic + PureMagic Fabric Transfer Papers

Color-Kicker® Vibrancy
Scintillating Photos, Gradients;
Glistening Spot, Process Colors.

kMagic + PureMagic Fabric Transfer Papers

100% US made components, coated in Canada.

Tpopps Fabric Transfers – Competitive Advantages:

kMagic + PureMagic Fabric Transfer Papers

Consistent, Repeatable ProGrade Quality.

FAST(est), EASY(est) Cutting / Weeding: Plotter-Cutter, Scissors.

Vibrant, Transparent, Durable Clear for Lights

NO Layering of Color Films – single layer of Tpopps Papers / transfer multi-colors.

Widest Variety of Alternative Print Devices – printers, plotters, toner, inkjet, eco-solvent, Indigo.

‘Silky-Soft’ / Flexible. Use / Wash Without Cracking, Peeling, Hardening.

Tpopps FabricSoft Transfer Papers – Basic Requirements:

kMagic + PureMagic Fabric Transfer Papers

All Natural + Synthetic Fabrics: Light / Dark Colors:

Natural Fabrics: Light / Dark Colors, fine or heavy:
100% Cotton, Canvas, Silk, Wool, Wood, cotton wool, Leather, more.

Synthetic Fabrics: Light / Dark Colors, fine or heavy.
100% Polyester, Polyester – Cotton Blends, Polyester – Spandex Blends, Nylon-Spandex Blends, Microfiber Blends, more.

Full Spectrum of Fabric Applications, Opportunities:

T-Shirts, Performance Apparel, Blue Jeans, Tank Tops, Caps / Hats, Sports Sweaters, Team / Workwear Jerseys, Left Chest, Uniforms, Uniforms for Sports / Business, Shopping Bags, Running Shoes, Photo Tees, Sports Bags, Alternative to Embroidery, Pillow Cases, Fashion Tees / Jeans, Aprons, Wall Decorations, Framed Artwork, Logo Tees, Banners, Sweatshirts, paint Artist Tees, infinite solutions for customers’ requirements.

Thin, Breathable, Flexible Coatings.

NO VOCs, Toxins: USA, Canada, Europe.  Safe, Solvent-Free Alternative to Traditional Oil-Based Screen Printing Inks

Available in Sheets, Rolls.

kMagic Fabric Transfer Paper Pressed to Black 100% Cotton FabricSoft Transfer Papers Pressed on 100% Cotton Black T-Shirt
* results can vary with chosen toner / ink / press settings

Tpopps Fabric Transfers feature Endless Opportunities:

kMagic + PureMagic Fabric Transfer Papers

Lights, Darks, Ever-Lasting Images, Pro Quality Consistency, Stretches with Fabric, Wash Durable, Dry Clean Resistant, Whitest-White Coat, Color Kicker, more.

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