Tpopps X-Fabric Transfer Papers Lights / Darks – PermaKoat Fusion

Tpopps X-Fabric Transfer Papers ‘PermaKoat’ fuse with 100% Cotton / 100% Polyester / Blended Fabrics.

Summary of Tpopps X-Fabric Transfers Feature Papers and Benefits:

* ‘PermaKoat’ Fusion

* Silky-Soft, Hands-Free, 4 Way Flex, Breathes (no moisture build-up), Stretch Friendly / Rebound Technology, Ultra Thin,

* Easy Plotter-Cut, EASIEST / Fastest Weed in the world

* Full Spectrum of Natural and Synthetic Tight-Knit Fabrics, including Darks, Lights and Whites

* Print Fine Color Details, Vividly Bright, Photo-Realistic / Photo-Quality Color / Images (quality is function of output device), Smooth Gradients

* Number of Output Printing / Plotter Devices – laser, indigo, eco-solvent; inkjet and sublimation in development

* AWESOME Professional Grade

* X-KLEAR:  replaces DuraCotton 50 for Light Fabric Colors; DuraCotton 50 was our best paper ever!

* X-WHITE:  – Satin-White / Opaque White blocks shirt dye migration; for DARKS, Lights, Whites

* JamFREE (laser) Printing with X-PrintSHEET

Tpopps X-Fabric Transfer Papers - PermaKoat Fusion
Tpopps X-Fabric Transfer Papers – PermaKoat Fusion

Tpopps X-Transfers fuse not only with light / dark – but also natural and synthetic fabrics.

  • For Light Colors, Tpopps X-KLEAR Fabric Transfer Papers are ideal.
  • Tpopps X-WHITE Fabric Transfer Papers are for Dark, Light and even White Fabrics.

Tpopps X-Fabric Transfer Papers for Lights / Darks – ‘PermaKoat’ Fusion:

In addition to ‘PermaKoat’ fused, Tpopps X-Fabric Transfers deliver differentially advantaged features and benefits.  These features and benefits are of remarkable value to transfer operators and end-users:

  1.  4 Way Flex / Stretch Friendly / Rebound Technology.
  2.  Xtreme Softness – virtually ZERO-Hand / Ultra Thin / Ideal for Fine Color Detail.
  3.  Vividly Bright, Photo-Realistic Color / Images, Smooth Gradients.
  4.  Fast to Print / Press; Easy and Fast to Weed (weedfree results); AWESOME Professional Quality.
  5.  Full Spectrum of Natural and Synthetic Tight-Knit Fabrics; Lights and Darks.
  6.  Near Infinite Number of Output Printing Devices / Processes.

Tpopps X-Fabric Transfer Papers furthermore work with:

  • Light / Dark Colored Natural Fabrics: 100% Cotton, Silk, Wool, Canvas, Leather, …
  • Light / Dark Colored Synthetic Fabrics:  100% Polyester, Polyester-Spandex Blends, Cotton-Polyester Blends, Nylon-Spandex Blends, Microfiber ( synthetic ) Blends, …T-Shirts, Sweatshirts, Shopping Bags, Performance Apparel, Sports Bags, Jackets, Blue Jeans, Caps / Hats, Team / Sports Sweaters, 50-50s, Team / Workwear Jerseys / Uniforms, Alternative to Embroidery, Pillow Cases, …

Enhanced applications include workwear applications: left-chest logos, personal names, corporate logos, …, courier delivery, service, restaurant, … personnel.

As a matter of fact, there is NO transfer – NO competitor paper capable of matching the End-User / Transfer Operator differential advantages of Tpopps X-Fabric Transfer Papers (based on our internet  searches).

Tpopps X-Fabric Transfer Papers:


Traditional color digital (laser) transfers – in the first place – do NOT fuse with plastisol screen printing inks.

In the second place, traditional transfers have a limited life expectancy.  Image colors can commence washing out with as few as half a dozen North American machine washes.

X-Fabric Transfers – a combination of digital, plastisol and custom water-based copolymers – fuse permanently together with natural and synthetic fabrics.  X-Papers are significantly different from traditional transfer papers.

Particularly relevant, Tpopps X-Fabric Papers fuse the strengths of plastisol screen printing inks and with those of digital transfers.  These strengths integrate:  flexibility, wash fastness, strong color presentation, … (unlike traditional transfers) / computer-driven color mixing and printing, cutting, …, multiple pages per minute, print quality consistency / repeatability, … and low cost per print / image / shirt / …

Yes, the Polymer of Tpopps X-Fabric Transfer Papers includes custom ingredients to aid with the ability to stretch and flex with normal body movements.  X-Fabric Transfers are configured to be stretched with virtually ZERO cracking (as opposed to traditional screen printing, transfer papers).  And, after stretching, the transfers rebound to their normal shape and size.

Go ahead, prove it to yourself.  Press (as per instructions) a color image using the X-Polymer transfer.  Let it cool etc.

Stretch it.  As a result, notice what happens:

  1. The image did not crack.
  2. The image rebounded after the stretching stopped, back to its previous state.
  3. Did you notice, the image did not crack?  Maybe, you should give the image a second tug, just to be 100% assured.  Be sure to use a tight knit fabric, otherwise cracking may occur.

Additionally, these results repeat and repeat after washing unlike many / most traditional transfers.

In light of these distinctive developments, X-FABRIC papers are an unique technological breakthrough.


  1. outlast 100% Cotton /  100% Polyester / Blended Fabrics – results do vary with toner / inks used and the heat pressing practises employed.  So, do follow instructions precisely.
  2. are perfect – and therefore, permanent for work wear personalization – left-chest logos, personal names, … – courier delivery, service, restaurant, … uniforms.  North American machine Washing / dry cleaning friendly.
  3. enhances the ‘never-ending’ color vibrancy of images, text, ….

Family of Tpopps X-Fabric Transfer Papers Include:

  1. TPOPPS X-WHITE Fabric Transfer Papers for DARKS, Lights, Whites
  2. Tpopps X-KLEAR Fabric Transfer Papers for LIGHT Fabrics


Tpopps X-WHITE Transfer Papers For Darks - PermaKoat Fusion
Tpopps X-WHITE Transfer Papers For Darks – PermaKoat Fusion

In addition to the Features and Benefits of Tpopps X-Fabric Transfer Papers listed above, Tpopps X-WHITE Papers offers more for Dark, Light, White Fabrics.

  1. Tpopps X-WHITE is an unique hybrid digital plastisol transfer paper – available only via Tpopps’ distributors – not coated by anyone else in the world marketplace, to our knowledge.
  2. ‘Xtreme-White’ – Satin-White / ‘Block-Out’ White Background on Dark 100% Cotton.
  3. Highlite White for Lettering, Graphics, … on Darks.
  4. Color-Kicker (R) Reproduction on DARK Fabric.
  5. Viable Alternative to Heat Applied Vinyl Transfers / Screen Printing / Traditional Transfers to Natural, Synthetic Fabrics.
  6. NO White Toner, NO White Ink, NO White … Required.
  7. Most of all, NO White Toner / Ink / … comes close to matching the White of Tpopps X-WHITE in terms of color, wash fastness, stretchability, ease of application, … and / or cost structure.

In conclusion, X-WHITE papers introduce a higher level of quality and capability, otherwise not present, in the custom imprint marketplace.


Alternative to  / Replaces DuraCotton 50


  • Natural Fabrics.
  • Synthetic Fabrics.
  • Blended Fabrics
  • ColorKicker (R) – Ultra Color
  • Lasting, 4 Way Flexibility, Rebound Technology; Silky-Soft – virtually ZERO – Hand, Ultra Thin
  • Substitute for Silk Screen Printing on Light Colored Fabric.
  • Viable Alternative to Heat Applied Vinyl Transfers to Natural, Synthetic Fabrics.

In conclusion, Tpopps X-KLEAR Papers present exclusive features and benefits demanded by target users.  Moreover, many of these financially viable features and benefits are well beyond the scope of (most) traditional transfer papers.


The traditional transfer coating weighs 130 gsm (grams per square meter) for Light Fabrics.

Tpopps X-WHITE Transfers are Ultra Thin / Lite Weight / Virtually ZERO Hand.  The X-Polymer is 7 mils thick on the transfer carrier paper.  Tpopps X-KLEAR for Lights weighs less – just 40 gsm – 1/3 the weight of traditional LIGHT transfer coating.

The Tpopps X thickness on a fabric varies directly with the amount of pressure employed by the heat transfer operator and by coating (X-KLEAR vs X-WHITE).

Additionally, the micro-thin polymer breathes.  There is no excessive moisture build up under the transfer – on the hottest of days.


What impact does the coating weight / thickness / hand have on t-shirts sales?

Simply take a X-Fabric Transfer on a shirt.  Close your eyes.  Drag your figures across the fabric and transfer area.  Did you feel the X-Transfer?

Tpopps X-Transfers are NOT traditional heat transfers.  In contrast, many traditional clear transfers for light colored fabrics tend to have hand (‘heavy’ feel of the polymer).    Direct / transferred screen printing has ‘hand’ – a tangible example of hand.

Have you formally observed consumers going through a rack of ‘printed t-shirts’?  Over one full day, we did.  75% of shoppers at particular tshirt shops in / around Key West, Florida felt the ‘hand’ of a printed shirt before viewing the image.  Given a ‘soft’ / ‘light’ hand, the shoppers checked out the image.  Given a good image, then a purchase was made.

Concluding, consumers do respond to minimal hand.  The ‘hand’ impacts the sales of each shirt.

Tpopps X-Fabric Transfer Papers Digital Plastisol Screen Print Ink Base

Tpopps X-Transfers fuse a Plastisol Screen Printing Ink into its X-Formulae copolymers.  Therefore, additional benefits are enabled and appreciated by both applicators and end-users.  These include:

  • Established Positive Customer Expectations and Acceptance of Plastisol Inks.
  • Tangible, positive history of successful and widespread applications.
  • Entrenched durability with end-users.
  • Proven Flexibility.
  • Decades of worldwide acceptance, awareness, repeat purchases.

Plastisol Ink makes a positive contribution to Tpopps X-Fabric Papers in contrast to traditional clear transfer papers.

Differential Advantages of Tpopps Digital Print Output

Advantages of Tpopps Paper are:

  1. NO Proprietary Expensive Supplies Required.  Shop anywhere and everywhere for best price.
  2. Established Tangible and Positive Operator Experience, Expectations, Acceptance.
  3. Maximum Print Speed.
  4. Precision, Smooth Vector Images, Text, …
  5. Photo-Realistic / Photographic Quality Images / Smooth Gradient Colors.
  6. Eco-Solvent Ink:  proven vibrancy, color retention, durability.

Digital Plastisol Transfer Papers:  Tpopps X-Fabric Papers

Digital Plastisol Transfer Papers bring:

  • Fusion of Digital Printing Output to Plastisol Ink Base / Benefits.
  • ‘Hand-Free’ micro-thin coating – ideal for printing, cutting, transferring images.
  • Ease and Speed of Weeding.
  • Micro-Thin Xtreme WHITE block-out on dark fabrics.
  • Flexibility / Stretchable / Rebounds to Original Shape.

In Addition to Other Unparalleled Features and Benefits:

  • Tangible Applications:  Lights, DARKS; Natural, Synthetic Fabrics.
  • NOT limited to 100% Polyester – as is sublimation.
  • Quality, Time, Cost Effective relative to Screen Printing, Digital Transfers, plastisol transfers, vinyl-cut logos, letters, …
  • Durable – North American + European Machine Wash + Dry Clean Resistant.
  • ZERO Hot Fuser Jamming in Laser Printer – Copiers.
  • NO Toxins, NO VOC’s.
  • ZERO Separations / Screens / Chemicals / Clean Up.
  • NO Volume Constraints – from one to 000’s – 100% repeatable images.

Moreover, the Differential Advantage list of tangible and unequalled attributes of Tpopps X-Fabric Transfer Papers ‘never’ ends. As is evidenced directly below:


Quantity from One to ‘000’s – Cost Effective.

Thinnest / Softest / Most Durable / Radiant Color Transfers – unmatched.

NO Separations, NO Screens / NO Clean UP / NO Transfer Borders.

Fast & Easiest Weed – there is NO comparison! NO pulling, NO …

100% USA Manufactured Components, Coated in Canada.

NO VOC’s, Toxins – USA, Canada, Europe.

In conclusion, Tpopps X-Fabric Transfers deliver ‘rock-hard’ and safe, competitively-advantaged features and benefits!

How To Print Press Tpopps X-Fabric Transfer Papers and Achieve PermaKoat Fusion

Tpopps X-KLEAR Transfer Papers for Lights - PermaKoat Fusion
Tpopps X-KLEAR Transfer Papers for Lights – PermaKoat Fusion

Print Press Tpopps X-KLEAR Fabric Transfer Papers

In addition to X-KLEAR papers, equipment and supplies are required:

  • Equipment:

Color Laser Printer – Copier, Indigo, Computer, Plotter-Cutter,

  • Supplies:

Teflon (c) / Silicon Sheet, Heat Press; coated Tpopps X-KLEAR Transfer Sheet, Tpopps PrintSheet (Laser, Indigo), Tpopps ‘See-Thru’ Transfer Mask.

  • Heat Press Settings:

Set heat press to 350-375 F / 175-190 C degrees; 12-18 seconds, Medium + Pressure (6 –  7 on a 10 scale).

Print Press X-KLEAR Transfer Papers Instructions

Initially, to minimize and avoid start-up issues, we strongly recommend you follow the steps below – at least until you achieve excellent results:

Step 1: for Laser Printer – Copier / Indigo Press only.

  • Position PrintSHEET in Output Device, Set Printer Software to Horizontally Flip Image (‘read wrong’).
  • Print to GLOSSY Side of PrintSheet (use thickest paper setting / glossy finish if available on your output device)

Step 2: Heat Press PrintSheet Image to X-KLEAR Coated Sheet, Coated Side (paper carrier on backside).

IMPORTANT:  in heat press, position PrintSheet on BOTTOM – image facing up with X-KLEAR on top.  To protect your lower platen, place Teflon (c) / Silicon Sheet down first.

  • Place Super Coated Sheet on top, coated side facing DOWN.  Why? Image will move to the heat and into the coating.
  • Use Teflon (c) / Silicon Sheet over X-KLEAR paper to protect your upper platen.
  • Press as per heat settings above.
  • Let cool 5 to 10 seconds.  Peel up with PrintSheet on BOTTOM.
  • You want to peel up, leaving the image on the X-KLEAR Coated Sheet.

Step 3. Position ‘Image up’ in Plotter-Cutter.

  • You can choose, via the cutting software, the extent of a X-KLEAR border around the outside of your image (this can range from ZERO to any width).
  • Cut.
  • Remove from plotter-cutter.  Weed (remove excess X-KLEAR polymer from the X-Carrier paper).  Unlike the weeding of traditional vinyl, weeding X-Polymer is fast and so easy! – 2000 lb gorilla not required.

Step 4.  Heat Press Tpopps ‘See-Thru’ Transfer Mask to remaining image area.  Press as above for 5 seconds – do NOT press longer.  Let cool to room temperature and easily peel.  Image area – with NO unwanted polymer – moves to ‘See-Thru’ Sheet.

Step 5.  Position the ‘See-Thru’ sheet with image facing down and yet reading RIGHT, visually place the image area precisely on your target fabric.

  • Cover with Teflon (c) / silicon.
  • Press for 15 to 25 seconds.
  • Cold Peel.

Print Press X-KLEAR Transfer Papers Warning:

Do NOT wash for 48 hours. COLD Water wash / NO bleach.  Hang dry / AIR only machine dry.

If X-KLEAR polymer yellows (scorches), then you are too hot, too long in time and / or too heavy with pressure.

If there are image spots missing, then you may not be hot enough, long enough in heat press and / or not sufficient pressure.  Or, you may require more cooling time before peeling.

Tpopps X-WHITE Transfer Papers For Darks - PermaKoat Fusion
Tpopps X-WHITE Transfer Papers For Darks – PermaKoat Fusion


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Tpopps X-Fabric Transfer Papers’ Notes:

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