Super-X Transfer Papers – X Lasting, ‘Color-Kicker’, Soft, Thin

Super-X Transfer Papers deliver Extreme Lasting ‘Color-Kicker’ Vibrancy, Stretchable Flexibility, ‘Silky-Soft’, Micro-Thin, Breathable, …   A wide spectrum of output devices print Light / Dark Fabrics using Super-X.

Super-X Transfer PapersTpopps Super-X Transfer Papers:  ADVANCED FORMULATION

Advantaged Opportunities of Advanced Formulation(s):

Outlast 100% Cotton / ‘Ever-Last’ 100% Polyester Fabrics

Whitest-WHITE / Block-Out White on DARKS

Yes, there is a TPOPPS Super-X TRANSFER to do that!

  • Light / Dark Colored Natural Fabrics: 100% Cotton, Silk, Wool, Canvas, Leather, …
  • Light / Dark Colored Synthetic Fabrics:  100% Polyester, Polyester-Spandex Blends, Cotton-Polyester Blends, Nylon-Spandex Blends, Microfiber ( synthetic ) Blends, …
  • T-Shirts, Sweatshirts, Shopping Bags, Performance Apparel, Sports Bags, Jackets, Blue Jeans, Caps / Hats, Team / Sports Sweaters, 50-50s, Team / Workwear Jerseys / Uniforms, Alternative to Embroidery, Pillow Cases, …
  • Enhanced applications include left-chest logos, personal names, corporate logos, …, courier delivery, service, restaurant, … personnel.

Super-X WHITE Transfers

Super-X WHITE Transfers are the ultimate paper for Light / Dark Fabrics!

Super-X Transfer Papers for Dark Fabrics

TPOPPS Super-X WHITE Transfers – DARK Fabrics

TPOPPS Super-X Transfers for DARK Fabrics feature UNMATCHED Durability,  White Background & Spot White Color, ‘Micro-Thin’ Hand / Ultra Softness.

Exclusively TPOPPS Super-X WHITE Transfers

Super-X WHITE Transfers deliver top-end value, quality and affordability!

Transfer technology – BREAKTHROUGH!

Super-X is a hybrid transfer paper.  Features and Benefits include:

  1. Outlasts natural fabrics, synthetics.
  2. ‘Whitest-White’ – ‘Block-Out’ White on Dark 100% Cotton.
  3. Unique / Ultra Coating / ‘Silky-Soft’
  4. Extreme Flexibility.
  5. Color-Kicker (R) Reproduction on DARK Fabric.
  6. Works with Color Laser Printers – Copiers, Eco-Solvent Plotters, Plotter – Cutters, Indigo.  Inkjet Printers / Plotters and Sublimation Printers – Plotters are forthcoming.

Super-X Transfer Papers for Light Colored FabricsTpopps Super-X KLEAR Transfer Papers Digital Plastisol Paper for LIGHT Fabrics


Alternative to  / Replaces DuraCotton 50

Tpopps Super-X KLEAR Transfer Papers virtually outlast 100% Cotton / ‘ever-last’ 100% Polyester Fabrics.

  • Natural Fabrics.
  • Synthetic Fabrics.
  • ColorKicker (R) – Ultra Color
  • Lasting, 4 Way Flexibility, Soft – virtually ZERO – Hand
  • Substitute for Silk Screen Printing on Light Colored Fabric.
  • Viable Alternative to Heat Applied Vinyl Transfers to Natural, Synthetic Fabrics.

Super-X Transfer Papers – Unique, Exclusive Features and Benefits

Traditionally, color digital (laser) printing does not fuse with plastisol screen printing inks.

Super-X transfers are digital plastisol-based. Super-X (transfers) are ideal for digital applications (transfer printing, cutting, …).  Super-X works perfectly with eco-solvent, laser, Indigo, inkjet, sublimation printed images.

Super-X Transfer Papers Extreme Lasting ‘Color-Kicker’ Vibrancy:

Tpopps Super-X Transfer Papers virtually outlast 100% Cotton / ‘ever-last’ 100% Polyester Fabrics.

Tpopps Super-X Transfer Papers are perfect – durable for work wear personalization – left-chest logos, personal names, … – courier delivery, service, restaurant, … uniforms.  North American machine Washing / dry cleaning friendly.

The Super-X Polymer, by design, enhances the ‘ever-lasting’ color vibrancy of images, text, ….

Super-X Transfer Papers Stretchable  / Flexibility:

Yes, the Super-X polymer includes plastisol ink(s) to aid with its ability to stretch and flex with normal body movements.  Super-X is configured to be stretched with virtually ZERO cracking (relative to traditional screen printing, transfer papers).

Go ahead, prove it to yourself:  Press (as per instructions) a full color image using the Super-X Polymer.  Let it cool etc.

Stretch it.  Notice what happens:

  1. the image did not crack.
  2. The image rebounded after the stretching stopped, back to its previous state.
  3. Did you notice, the image did not crack?  Maybe, you should give the image a second tug, just to be 100% assured.

These same results repeat after washing.

Super-X Transfer Papers ‘Silky-Soft’ / Micro-Thin / Breathable:

The traditional transfer coating weighs 130 gsm (grams per square meter) for Light Fabrics.

Tpopps Super-X Transfers are Ultra Thin / Lite Weight / Virtually ZERO Hand is 4.5 mils thick on the transfer carrier paper.  Super-X for Lights weighs 40 gsm – 1/3 the weight of traditional LIGHT transfer coating.

The Super-X thickness on a fabric varies indirectly with the amount of pressure employed by the heat transfer operator.

The micro-thin polymer breathes.  There is no excessive moisture build up under the transfer – on the hottest of days.

Tpopps Super-X Transfers Impact Sales:

What impact does the coating weight / thickness have on t-shirts sales?

Simply take a Super-X Fabric Transfer on a shirt.  Close your eyes.  Drag your figures across the fabric and transfer area.  Did you feel the Super-X transfer?

Super-X transfers are NOT traditional heat transfers.  Traditional clear transfers for light colored fabrics tend to have hand (‘heavy’ feel of the polymer).    Direct / transferred screen printing has ‘hand’.

Consumers do respond to minimal hand – observe buyers going through a t-shirt rack of ‘printed t-shirts’.  The ‘hand’ impact the sales of each shirt.

Super-X TRANSFER Papers Features / Benefits

Advanced Plastisol Screen Print Ink Base: 

Super-X Competitively-Advantaged Benefits

  • Established Positive Customer Expectations with Acceptance of Plastisol Inks.
  • Tangible, positive experiences.
  • Entrenched durability with end-users.
  • Proven 4 Way Flexibility / Stretching.
  • Decades of worldwide acceptance, awareness, repeat purchases.

Advanced Digital Print Output:

  1. NO Proprietary Expensive Supplies.  Shop for best price.
  2. Tangible and Known Positive Operator Experience, Expectations, Acceptance.
  3. Maximum Print Speed.
  4. Precision, Smooth Vector Images, Text, …
  5. Photo-Realistic / Photographic Quality Images / Smooth Gradient Colors.
  6. Eco-Solvent Ink:  proven vibrancy, color retention, durability.

ADVANCED Digital Plastisol Transfer Papers:

  • Fuses Digital Printing Output to Plastisol Ink Base / Benefits.
  • ‘Hand-Free’ micro-thin coating – ideal for printing, cutting, transferring images.   
  • Ease and Speed of Weeding.
  • Micro-Thin WHITE ‘block-out‘ on dark fabrics.
  • Flexibility / Stretchable.

Other Benefits:

  • Tangible Applications:  Lights, DARKS; Natural, Synthetic Fabrics.
  • NOT limited to 100% Polyester – as is sublimation.
  • Quality, Time, Cost Effective relative to Screen Printing, Digital Transfers, plastisol transfers, vinyl-cut logos, letters, …
  • Durable – North American + European Machine Wash + Dry Resistant.
  • ZERO Hot Fuser Jamming in Laser Printer – Copiers.
  • NO Toxins, NO VOC’s.
  • ZERO Separations / Screens / Chemicals / Clean Up.
  • NO Volume Constraints – from one to 000’s – 100% repeatable images.

TPOPPS Super-X Transfers’ Economics / Safety

Quantity from One to ‘000’s – Cost Effective.

Thinnest / Softest / Most Durable / Radiant Color Transfers – unmatched.

NO Separations, No Screens / NO Clean UP / NO Transfer Borders.

Fast & Easiest Weed – there is NO comparison!

100% USA Manufactured Components, Coated in Canada.

NO VOC’s, Toxins – USA, Canada, Europe.

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