Tpopps X-FabricSoft Transfer Endless Opportunities

Tpopps X-FabricSoft Transfer Papers Endless Opportunities: Pro Quality, Stretches with Fabric, Wash Durable, Dry Clean Resistant, X-White Coat, Color Kicker, more

Image of Tpopps X-FabricSoft Transfer, Pressed to Black 100% Cotton



  • T-Shirts, Uniforms for Sports / Business, Shopping Bags, Sports Bags, Performance Apparel, Blue Jeans, Caps / Hats, Sports Sweaters, Team / Workwear Jerseys, Uniforms, Alternative to Embroidery, Pillow Cases, Aprons, Wall Decorations, Framed Artwork, Photo Tees, Logo Tees, Left Chest, Banners, Sweatshirts, Tank Tops, endless possibilities.

Virtually All Fabrics:

  • Natural: Light / Dark Colors.
  • Synthetic: Light / Dark Colors.

WHY TPOPPS X-FabricSoft Transfer Papers?

  • EXCLUSIVE Perma-Koat Fused 4 Life®.
  • Absolute X-White on Dark – background, foreground.
  • Color-Kicker® Vibrancy – Photos, Gradients, Spot Colors.
  • Performance Stretch / Rebound.
  • ONE Color Print / Cut / Layer (No Overlapping Layers) // Fast(est), Easy(est) Weeding.
  • Resists Dye Migration.

Works with:  Pigment Inkjet, Color Lasers Copiers, Eco-Solvent, Indigo – Sheets, Rolls.

Tpopps X-FabricSoft Transfer Paper, CAD-CUT Transfers. Pro Quality, Simply

Tpopps X-FabricSoft Transfer Endless Features, Benefits:

Tpopps X-FabricSoft Transfer Endless OpportunitiesTpopps X-FabricSoft Transfer Enhancements

Tpopps X-FabricSoft Transfer Endless Benefits



Tpopps X-FabricSoft Transfer Endless Benefits

Tpopps PrintSheet Transfer Mask


Tpopps X-Fabric Transfer NeverEnding OpportunitiesX-FabricSoft Transfer X-LIGHT, X-CAD CUT, X-DARK

CAD-CUT FabricSoft Transfer, LIGHT-Colored FabricSoft Transfer, DARK-Colored FabricSoft Transfer

Tpopps X-FabricSoft Transfer Endless Enhancements:

X-FabricSoft Enhancements impact both Heat Transfer and CAD-CUT Applications for natural and synthetic materials.

The Tpopps paper works (both dark and light colored fabrics) as an upgrade beyond transfer paper and CAD-CUT materials on fabrics. Tpopps X-FabricSoft Enhancements not only combine the strengths of heat transfers, plastisol inks and CAD-CUT but also extend the capabilities with:

Perma-Koat Fused 4 Life® Coating

  • Tpopps Exclusive:  Perma-Koat Fused 4 Life® combines: the strengths of digital, plastisol with custom configured water-based co-polymers.  X-Papers are significantly different from traditional transfer papers, often made with polyurethane.
  • The components are fused permanently together in conjunction with natural and synthetic fabrics.
  • Light / Dark Colored Natural Fabrics: 100% Cotton, Silk, Wool, Canvas, Leather, more
  • Light / Dark Colored Synthetic Fabrics:  100% Polyester, Polyester-Spandex Blends, Cotton-Polyester Blends, Nylon-Spandex Blends, Microfiber ( synthetic ) Blends, more
  • Tpopps papers transfer to Blue Jeans
  • T-Shirts, Sweatshirts, Shopping Bags, Performance Apparel, Sports Bags, Jackets, Blue Jeans, Caps / Hats, Team / Sports Sweaters, 50-50s, Team / Workwear Jerseys / Uniforms, Alternative to Embroidery, Pillow Cases, more
  • Enhanced applications include workwear applications: left-chest logos, personal names, corporate logos for courier delivery, service, restaurant, more personnel.
  • Resists Shirt Dye Color Bleed-Through with 100% Polyester, Polyester-Blends and some Cottons.
  • Fast(est), Easy(est) Weeding. 

X-WHITE (XtremeWhite)

  • Tpopps Exclusive:  X-WHITE FabricSoft Transfers on Darks:  
  • Strong Consistent White (not toner, ink).
  • Perfect underlay for colors, logos, pictures, text, more
  • Ideal standalone spot / high light white (letters, graphics, logos, numbers, skunks back).

Eye-Popping, Deep-Rooted Color-Kicker® Transferred Image(s)

  • Unmatched Color Vibrancy: Color-Realistic Photos, Smooth Gradients on Whites, Lights, DARKS.  Spot color strength matches those of Screen Printing.

Tpopps X-FabricSoft Transfer Features, Benefits

ONE Color Print, ONE Cut, ONE Layer Thick // Fast(est), Easy(est) Weeding  to Lights, Darks

  • Unmatched Simplicity
  • ONE Print, ONE Cut, Press color X-FabricSoft transfers to virtually all light, dark fabrics.
  • Compatible with Toner-Based Laser – Copiers, Plotter-Cutters, Eco-Solvent Plotters, Pigment Inkjet Printers, Plotters.
  • X-FabricSoft eliminates layering of CAD Thermal Films and a wide-ranging inventory of colored films.

Pro Grade Tough, Yet So Soft

  • Performance Stretch with Fabric, Rebound Technology – Perma-Koat Fused 4 Life® with Plastisol.
  • No Fuser Jamming in Laser Printers, Copiers.  Direct Print with Eco-Solvent Plotters.
  • North American / European Machine Washable / Dry Clean Friendly.

Virtually ZERO-Hand, Silky Soft and Smooth.  Ultra Thin

The standard polyurethane transfer for Light-Colored Fabrics weights 130 grams per square meter.  Go ahead and ask transfer paper suppliers.  Opaque white transfers, with the heavy solids concentration of white, weigh considerably more (actual weight varies with manufacturer).

Tpopps X-DARK FabricSoft Transfers weigh just 80 grams per square meter, approximately 2/3?s of polyurethane transfers for light fabrics.

 Tpopps X-FabricSoft PrintSheet / See-Thru Transfer Mask (PM)

For Laser Printers; Indigo; Pigment Inkjet.

Pigment Inkjet (not dye):  Desktop Printers, Plotters, Plotter-Cutters.  Precision placement every time.

Laser, Indigo:  NO Laser-Fuser Jamming PrintSheet; Precise image alignment on target fabric.

Eco-Solvent Plotter:  Direct Print to Tpopps X-FabricSoft Coatings.

NO VOCs, Toxins: USA, Canada, Europe

X-CAD Cut Fabric Transfers



  • Alternative to  / Replaces CAD-CUT Thermal Films

  • Fast(est) and Easy(est) Weeding of Excess Polymer.
  • Photo-RealisticColorKICKER® – Ultra Color (all photos, gradients).
  • North American / European Machine Wash / Dry Clean Resistant.
  • Perma-Koat Fused 4 Life® Coating – Natural Fabrics, Synthetic Fabrics, Blended Fabrics.
  • Stretchable with Fabric.
  • Available in White – Color background to your Customer Requirements – one item of inventory (versus a roll of each vinyl color); Cost-Effective.
  • Pro Grade Performance / Quality.  So Soft, its Tough; So Tough, its Soft!
  • Print, Cut, Weed, Press – simple single step cutting, fast and easy weeding – all with one ‘See-Thru’ Transfer Mask / PrintSheet.  Fast One-Step Visual Alignment.  Pro Grade Simplicity!

Tpopps X-CAD CUT FabricSoft Transfers simplify your application process and enable you to attain a broader spectrum of output capabilities / quality (enabling more sales opportunities for you).  This group of attributes is otherwise unattainable in the world marketplace.  READ MORE Re: X-CAD CUT

2. Tpopps X-Dark FabricSoft Transfer Paper – XWhite on Darks


Tpopps X-DARK Fabric Transfer        aka Dark Transfer / Transfer To Darks / X-White Transfers

The traditional transfer for Light-Colored Fabrics weights 130 grams per square meter.  Opaque white transfers – with the heavy solids concentration of white – weigh considerably more (weights vary with manufacturer).

The Tpopps X-DARK Fabric Transfer Coating (White in Color) weighs just 84 grams per square meter, two-thirds (2/3’s) of traditional coatings for light fabrics, and features the Whitest White

To summarize, X-DARK Transfer papers introduce a higher level of quality (weight, stretch, lasting, …), deep-rooted color image(s) and capability, otherwise not present in the custom transfer marketplace on dark fabrics.  READ MORE Re: X-DARK

3. Tpopps 
X-LIGHT FabricSoft Transfer Paper for LIGHTS


Tpopps X-LIGHT Fabric Transfer

Alternative to  / Replaces DuraCotton 50


Tpopps X-LIGHT FabricSoft  Transfer Paper pressed to 100% White Cotton Fabric

       X-LIGHT FabricSoft Transfers are ideally suited for:

  • Photo-RealisticColorKICKER® – Ultra Color (all photos, gradients).
  • North American / European Machine Wash / Dry Clean Resistant.
  • Perma-Koat Fused 4 Life® – Natural Fabrics, Synthetic Fabrics, Blended Fabrics.

X-LIGHT Papers present extraordinary features and benefits demanded by target users – lasting, stretch without cracking, … ‘hand-free’, SILKY-SOFT, …   Furthermore, X-LIGHT deliver economic advantages for quantities from one to thousands.  MORE INFO HERE Re: X-LIGHT

Tpopps X-FabricSoft Transfer Paper:

So Silky-Soft, its Tough; Unusually Tough, yet Silky-Soft.

Uncommonly Thin, its Stretchy; Hughly Stretchy with fabric, yet so Thin.

Remarkably Quick and Easy (to apply), its Simply without Limits.

So White, it Colorful; So Colorful, its White.

Exceptionally Awesome, its gotta be Tpopps X-FabricSoft Transfer Paper.